Train of Thoughts

Arriving Late Summer 2021

These poems free the self from the wars of consciousness that use the human body and mind as their battlefield. It is about re-imagining self from other’s expectations. It is about survival from being sexually manipulated, being a victim of colonization and victimized by the lover possessed by parasite entities.

These poems are about a Gnostic journey through life and death; through light and darkness; through flesh and spiritual realms to become The Way…a path for the Wanderer, The Chaos Being…The Changing One.

  Will not drink or feast in this artificial garden. 
I am between inhale / exhale – changed
and nameless.
The past names do not have my breath.
The past names do not live inside
as locked rooms.
The past shadows will not haunt
as fragments, being phantasms with terrible voices
to harness my attention.
I am no one’s shadow.
We were a star. The light from the star is a reminder when we are not distorted in the world, we are star stuff. But the star died. We are shedding that death as awareness takes on many forms simultaneously. When the light of that star reaches this human vessel/portal, we will evolve into another kind of star that will be in a universe being born.
So read these poems from the mist, from the Unknown, from the dance of madness in human flesh; from shaking the foundations of foreign minds who have sat upon us as their throne and made war a foundation stone.
Read the weeping of the slave imprisoned in modern times with invisible shackles in corporate plantations that still keep making - life - not matter so, the Originals will not remember their children have damned them.
Read the laments of the fallen daughter exiled to be a whore in the heavens and the hell realms of psychopathic entities.
These poems from the mist; like the alien; like thoughts made flesh; like the fragmented selves - are taking center stage - to speak.
These unseen voices will leave footprints of a high strangeness as they unfold occult secrets.
Inheritance comes from many forms.
 No Plantation Love
Don’t want to love in this plantation system
entrenched as an object for hosting shadows.
We have secret rendezvous beyond the colonizing gaze.
The bias toward my skin
drives others into a rabid state of mind.
Our love is not for daylight eyes
or conversations with friends.
I become a rusting oil in the system to destabilize it yet,
you want to maintain it.
I walk between worlds not as a ghost
as you harbor within storms of false existences.
We are strangers when others gaze upon us.
Do not want slave songs or need an underground passage
but these things are when in the workings of others.
Father figures ache to touch as I pull up roots.
Will not let the plantation owners fetter the mind.
Will love you in another world; another place,
where time is not deteriorating but now,
this love you profess in whispers
is where light cannot see.

The Monstrous Soul Literary Series – Release Summer 2021

The Monstrous Soul Literary Series
This series will explore the dark night of the soul through poetry, fiction, and plays.

This literary series will release work in five phases. The first phase will be released in the Summer 2021 and the second phase in the Fall. The Third Phase will be released in 2022. Phase Four will be released in 2023. Phase five will be released by 2024 and will be the final works of the author.

The Monstrous Soul Literary series unveils the Gnostic journey of a poet through light and darkness; through Thanatos and Eros, through the angelic and demonic to become The Changing One.

The author’s work can be found on Amazon and Youtube.

Harbinger Poetry Series – release May 2019



The Harbinger Poetry Series is a nine volume collection of Gnostic poetry. The series will cover many subjects dealing with world mythology, Gnosticism, the black goddess, sexuality in its many expressions, lovers who are dead and alive; parasitic entities, and The Dead.

These poems are about the journey of the soul through light and darkness. It is about reacquiring an authentic voice and freeing oneself from the Matrix manipulation of the Architect and his Archons.

My poetry isn’t for everyone. I have no interest in mainstream acceptance. In fact I tell people, if you are afraid of the dark, afraid of looking in the mirror and peeling off the layers, you might find my poetry disturbing. If you are afraid of the dark side of sex; dancing naked in front of the mirror and embracing the darkness and the light you have cast into the world, you will not want to read these poems.The world is not what you think it is. Most would prefer to stay safe within their bubble existence and dull their awareness to what is going on about them. These poems deal with colonization not only of the flesh but also of the mind. It is about being a whore in the marketplace of men. Recounting moments from the dark night of the soul, these poems are talk about being a gatekeeper, a wanderer in the dark places and the fallen daughter.

The Harbinger Poetry series deals with the ugliness of racism, the frustrations of being named Negro or Black and locked down into gender expectations.

With no regrets or apologies, I invite you to read The Harbinger Poetry Series. My poems are monstrous. My poems are ugly. My poems are beautiful. My poems are about becoming Life.

Biomythography: Poems

I wanted to write a love poem
but each poem
seems like an obsession or possession;
the love defined
by a blind mind;

and a heart is intoxicated
on images embedded into us
and a dual love
is a dangerous journey
into the degeneration of sexuality
into madness;

which makes us addictive to genitalia,
makes us crazy
when fed within boundaries.

We chisel away the others
until they are the image
that we call out of stone;
but the stone has been crying
and the image; well,
it is cracked, missing an arm,
and has a torso with no head.

They say God is love;
but this god feeds on us
needs blood
needs rape
needs violence
needs wars
needs rituals
needs us to be mindless.

I want to write a love poem
but this world thinks
love is a battlefield.

This poem isn’t a chemical reaction.
This poem is not drug induced.
This poem is not madness.
This poem wants to return to Silence.

Silence is where
Love is;
where all things are connected
so I will not write a love poem
to be made into a battlefield.

Every time you weave words together
to make a sentence,
a story,
a play,
a poem
it reveals a prophetic vision;
a song.

You wonder will critics pan it;

and you hear their finger
dripping poison
as they bang away on the keyboard;

yet, you touch pen to paper
and release.

Most people are busy
running around outside themselves

and don’t hear
when the Unknown Father speaks
needing a Critic’s Choice Award.

There was a knock at the door.

I looked at my cell phone:


Who the fuck was knocking on my door?

My bed was empty
so it wasn’t a jealous lover’s partner;
and it was too late in the morning
for a drunk tenant to miscalculate
where they live.

I opened the door.
Didn’t think to look through the key hole.
It was too early for psycho stabbers.

No one was there;

- had opportunity knocked -
and I spent too much time calculating.

Every man that comes out of my mouth
will have no commonality
with the mundane.
No seeds will be cast on rocks.
There is no station in life
that will enslave my orgasm
into a dictatorial space.

The Man in my mouth
is in a redemptive space
but most would quarantine
this pregnant space,
categorize the touch;

and homeless gestures
are premature ejaculations
of imagination,
fifteen minutes of face time
is allotted to strangers.

No one wants to see
what is in front but sidestep
into an intoxicating view.
Hallucinations are
a short-term ecstatic high;
and a choice drug
will not stop the flooding verbiage
of demon/angels
coming out of your mouth;
but being ignorant and blind,
your pronunciations are made flesh.

So, choose carefully;
the men that come out of your mouth.


Vol Nine: Cracked Pedestal: Poems – release date Friday, September 6, 2019
Think of being on a pedestal observing the world but not participating and then some unknown force pushes you off the pedestal. Now, the world you had observed – you are now an active participant. The poetry in “Cracked Pedestal” is about alienation in a life that is a prison existence in flesh and the only way out is going within.

…The phallic pedestal is cracked.
You have stood at many crossroads
whispering wisdom into travelers’ ears.
You are more than just a weeping basket
for strangers. You are more than
a figure head above a grave holding
a corpse’s laments. You are more
than just a stained object when one
fears the touch of their desires.
You explore wounds
in this experimental game soil of the soul.

We walk – now – the roads of creation unnamed.

This is the ninth and last volume in The Harbinger Poetry Series, a nine book Gnostic poetry series about the dark apocalyptic night of the soul.


Vol Eight – Unnamed to Be Named: Poems – release date Friday, August 23, 2019
Imagine your name is a prison for your soul and the only way out is to free yourself from all the names you have been called or institutionalized in or enslaved in because of your skin color or gender identity. “Unnamed to be Named” is a collection of gnostic poetry exploring how the soul has been shackled by being named into ‘sunken places’, whored in names and made a drunk wanderer even in places where angels and demons do not want to look. When we forget the power of words we become slaves in a prison mind mentality. We must learn to speak our self into creation and not be a mule in other’s expectations.

…Waiting to be a structure
outside of a psychopathic architect.
I am not ordered for recycle
as this voice ceases being
a womb for fractured god things…

“Unnamed to be Named” is the eighth volume in The Harbinger Poetry Series, a nine book Gnostic poetry series about claiming sovereignty and authority of self.


Vol Seven – Riding the Night Mare: Poems – release date Friday, August 9, 2019
Darkness matters! When darkness will know The Darkness, one begins re-membering, recalling, surrendering and embracing one’s darkness in all the forms it has taken. These poems are about the darkness of flesh…being in servitude to stranger’s nocturnal yearnings and becoming a pregnant darkness.

…night bus strangers
revise the drafts of self
as you inherit their winds
murmured from fields of cotton…

Are you ready to face the darkness you have placed in others and the darkness that has been placed within you? “Riding the Night Mare” is a gnostic collection of poetry about becoming a master without slaves.

…inside must be heard
so you turn off hands
renting space to drop coins
to be ferry through the river below.
Hands like mouths mislead.

“Riding the Night Mare” is the seventh volume in The Harbinger Poetry Series, a nine book Gnostic poetry series about a poet who becomes the darkness that awakens The Turning Light.


Vol Six – Prison Mind in a Flesh Odyssey: Poems – release Friday, July 26, 2019
To know Life you keep dying over and over again and each morning brings you back to life in the world of the Artificial Ones and their game board realities. These poems are about extracting the self from the narratives that has kept one objectified and sexualized. When one looks into their darkness, they not only see their fears that have become self-aware but the shadows of those who have intruded into their consciousness. Prison Mind in a Flesh Odyssey is about the unfinished voices speaking.

Is it a wrongful death when
his hands trespass and brings
me out of self; lament that the
door to the cocoon is closed
and strangers bring moisture
to glue bedsheets to seal
like a mummy’s wrapping.
Insane when not harbored in self
and drowning in touches
defiling and exiling this Living Vision.

Prison Mind in a Flesh Odyssey is the sixth volume in The Harbinger Poetry Series, a nine book gnostic poetry series about the apocalyptic journey of the soul to free itself from being a whore in the marketplace.


Vol Five – From My Descent: Poems – release date Friday, July 12, 2019
…who sees this island in a fog?
Its workings is remote from others
yet the shaman-poet unfolds
as an island for the lost to inhabit
as its spider aspects
weave islands into a world
beyond the confines of aborted deities…

These poems are ancestral voices speaking; the laments of the soul experiencing its journey through the underworld realities to remember itself. It is about the poet-shaman serving as gatekeeper. It is about being the good and the bad lover; about being the stranger as a poem. The inner voices take center stage in “From My Descent” as they lament their Nigredo time. The way out is one’s descent into divine madness so the soul will be free of the god spells.

We carry a monstrous soul
and its emanations are wrapped around
the shoulder.
Its head and tentacles like
magic wands act as hands holding
a lamenting voice singing of being exiled….

This is the fifth volume in The Harbinger Poetry Series, a nine book series about the soul’s pregnant darkness.


Vol Four – Caravan of Faceless Men: Poems – release date Friday, June 28, 2019
The morning-after strangers leave you nameless but something else is alive inside you. The voice enters you through mirrors, open doors at night, through food, through curses, through conversations judging. You couldn’t name it. It was a stranger; an interloper in your activities. You were being disconnected from your streaming self. The name calling voice cracked the Earth self. And you – as antenna – started broadcasting false news, receiving images that changed the frequency of your body as unseen hands are reaching from a soul’s night through the walls. Everything you have denied is returning and not always in a recognizable form. A “Caravan of Faceless Men” is about facing the return of our judgments, the astral corpses we have made, and the night strangers that have named us into dark places. We were not made to be obedient.

This wounded face will not praise
as I baste in your theatrical offerings.
Will not be characterized
by inheriting your howling winds
nor let your deceiving light
be a messianic touch
but an entry denied to this heart.

This is the fourth volume in The Harbinger Poetry Series, a nine book Gnostic poetry series.


Vol Three – Harbinger Poems of Light in Darkness – release date Friday, June 14, 2019
Was dream bound in rituals that stagnates
the wanderer into the desert of gods
with their madness magnified
as a haunting, as night strangers,
as the bestial-demonic; as sirens with
stomachs like an abyss and a
cave mouth with a sage sitting
at the entrance changing the inhaling breathe
and imitations of the Minotaur, satyrs
and angels now withering
have bent one over to The Artificial Ones
with back door eyes
as their fetish image hangs everywhere;
but now, I have washed them out of my hair.

What will you do when the voices within are ready to take center stage in your awakened consciousness? How will you carry your darkness? Will you be a tomb for the ancestors? Are you ready to eat shadows? Or…are you just a rental space for unseen forces. “Harbinger” is a collection of gnostic poetry that talks about facing one’s shadows, being the returning ancestor and embracing the darkness that holds the Hidden One.

I am a Terrible Beauty that sits
at the crossroad with questions.
Voiceless in the hands of strangers;
yet this night barge traverses their underworlds.

Not wanted by most, ignored by many and
left lonely in stranger’s night flesh excursions.
Yet, I am a safe underground garden.

Will you know your name to touch me?

…I am the darkness not of the Father.
I am Life not bound by Artificial Ones.
I am the sons who are many who became
the One…the Fallen Daughter rising.

This is the third volume in The Harbinger Poetry Series, a nine book Gnostic poetry series about the storms rising beneath the skin and being victimized in time-oriented flesh.