Footprints in a Shoebox Reality (2 poems)

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Footprints in a Shoebox Reality

Buildings are like faces
we got to live in them
as property
from 9 to 5
in this city of face
people gather in buildings
thoughts spilling from wound
all these wounds gather
and make themselves into a parasite
that gives the building a face
and we occupy a face
that is etching itself on our face
than we exit
from the mouth of this face
and go into another face
looking out its eyes
we are tenants
in this face
that slowly disenfranchise our mind
we need our own face to face time
and we inherit
the illness of these buildings
because we live in their face
and their face becomes a mask
and this is what people wee
do you really see the person in front of you
are just see a mask reflected.

I am the commitment of my brother’s dark journey.
I am the high in the lower.
I am the darker brother
I am the other side of the tree.
I am the other side of the coin.
I am the first spilled blood.
I am the wanderer under the world.I am the womb companion, a coiled splendor
who sits in the shadows
not wanting to be born
so I am a hieroglyphics whispering from the walls
until an Old One pulls me into the world of my brother.
I am a chaotic swirling mass darting in and out sight.
I am my brother’s shroud and unrefined
as I am howling at my brother’s black moon
that will bring me forth as a Morning.
I am unholy in the dark places
that brings the Black Sun.I walk amongst you and you do not see me.
I am a slumbering nightmare.
I am a frightening redeemer.
I am a crowned serpent.
I am the darker brother, a brother’s first kill.
I am the dark serpentine brother slithering
through crevices, cracks, caves where
even angels will not look.

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