The Icarus Poet (Poem Excerpt)

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The Icarus Poet

Some white youths
needed a black man
to beat; to hate
to beat; to hate
so they would
not beat; not hate

And they beat
the flesh
with hands
with thoughts
that made a torturer’s hand
and voices
like inquisitors
ride their shoulders
because the voices
are addicted to their hate
and they need a black man
to take their poison.

They need to be the demon
riding their shoulders
into the flesh of another
but the beaten flesh
fuels the voices of hate
clouding the light in their eyes.

The white youths needed
a black man to beat
and they hate the black voice
rising above the noises of the world
because it is no longer ‘the help’
no longer nursing black babies;
no longer wanting to be ‘the boy’

yet, white youth love head bopping
niggas when they are dancing
to the music that make women ‘ho’s’
and white youth need to beat
a black man
since the black man
no longer visibly beats himself

black men camouflage their hate
in bling bling
subjecting women to administering
their dicks
and they need a white man
to beat them

because they need someone
to carry the hate
they cannot heal within
and project
on to their women and children
and graveyards called ghettos
house black bodies empty of souls;
dead who still haunt

and white youth need a black man
to beat
and black men ask for white youth
to beat
when they forget who they are
and allow destructive images
to empty them of soul.

white youth need a black man to beat
hate is being chased by fear
and we all run from fear
if we cannot make someone
the object of that fear.

white youth need to hate a black man
as black man hates the black man
as white man hate the man of color
as colors hate the white color
that wants to make them slaves
and the plantation system thrives
in the mind of white that want “help.”

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