Mythobiography (Poem Excerpt)

Mythobiography The Fallen Angel said, “Sometimes we create an evil for man to battle and then we give him the instrument or the personality to defeat this evil which means we are controlling the game. The energy used; the prayers offered becomes a sustenance. Emotional traumas feed the Ones who are hidden. We make history so that we can stay hidden; so that we can live; so that no power can move unless we allow it to move.

Think of the Hidden Ones as a part of a body that is infected; not healed; that is what the Hidden Ones are; they are part of a larger construct that cannot heal itself because the Hidden Ones have sequestered themselves from the larger influences.

Therefore this Time Event Entity focuses some of its energy into that area to heal it so it can move all parts of itself. The Hidden Ones fear their demise.

When some of us became aware we are pawns in their games; some of us have sought to become the Queen on their game board. Think of it as chess. Who has the power?

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