Laments of the Male Mother (2 Poem Excerpts)

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Laments of the Male Mother THE MALE MOTHER
Reality is a construct of a Time Event Entity. Some of its creations, like the Old Ones, have attempted to section off a part of its creation; because they feared death when this entity would ascend.

Now a Male Mother has awakened within the minds of the Old Ones.

The Old Ones feared the Life coming from the Male Mother’s words. They knew it would alter their programs; their consciousness and their machine realities.
It would alter the behavior and realities of anyone who read the living words of this Male Mother. The Reader would no longer live in the stories of the Old Ones and wear their minds. The Reader would wake up from the God Spell.

So each Old One gave a part of their power and created an Adversary and sent it to alter the Male Mother’s living words into a dead language.
The Male Mother brings the apocalypse to the Mind so The Lost and The Dead can receive the Signal and begin their journey through light and darkness to ascend so they no longer wear the minds of the Old Ones and live in their dreaming.


Should I bring them
into these worlds of darkness:

my passions
that became my bastard off springs;

my misshaped thoughts,
the children of my water
who are like black sheep
in a family closet
called Man
who is draped
on a designer skeleton?

Who shall love them,
hold them
ever so close to their Heart,
when their ears are filled
with the noises of the world?

Who shall recite the words
of the Life
that will awaken them
from their slumber
in physical forms?

Will they exist
in cluttered
black and white prints,
some whore’s
rain soaked tissue paper
or a camouflaged covering
for frustrated freaks
jacking off in a straight scene?

Should I bring them
into this world,
my bastard children who are:

my thoughts,
my fractured mirror pieces,
my sound,
my light, my poems
into these worlds
of Daemons of the mind?

Will humans love them,
cultivate their existence,
and call them Me?

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