TO BE HEARD (Poem Excerpt)

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was not gonna do it…
legs spread, laying dead
while fleshy scales are laying
over me like still waters.
his body on mine like a headstone
was his real deal.

wasn’t doing it…
if he could move in me and bleed.
i would have to breathe in him
to walk.
he wants to
“f” this mother
so i can give him astral children
who will become fallen mothers.

wasn’t doing it…
him in and out of me
planting his dead seeds
so his desires could rape me
while calling me momma
and i’m chained to a land
where my mind is harvested
to feed his soul.

was not gonna do it…
laying beneath this man
cap stoning my existence
while burying me further
in his mind
because fallen gods
had eaten my light
while cradling the Dead in my arms
and birthing his kisses in my eyes
as i was charmed with sweet words
wrapped around poison
as i sing from a dead god’s
dismembered body

was not doing it…
bending back my senses
until there is no remembrance
weeping in me;
but the chalice became angry,
and then became a sword.
with one last taste of light.
i opened an eye
and spreaded my wings
to birth his demon seeds, his judgment
to slay this father and take back my light.

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