HERETIC OF REALITY (2 Poem Excerpts)

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I want to make a new life

from people thrown away,
from people dismissed.
from those still bleeding
by inflicting sharp tongues.

from feelings not expressed
that now have weeds around them.

from the ugly people
who will not ever see
beauty in themselves.

from faces that hide in shadows
and at the bottom
of a
from people
who the world thinks are not ready
to be people.

So who is ready
for nature’s carnivorous dance
when people burn bridges
between themselves and others.

I want to make a new life
from those made homeless by the world.

He says I am too feminine
in my workings.

Am I not the Soul
having a human experience?

He says he needs
to feel the savagery;
the hunt, the coarseness,
the game; and the thrill
of victory of a man
dominating another man.

Am I not the Soul
having a gender experience?

He is not sure why
he is attracted to me.
Sometimes I seem female;
sometimes I seem male
and when he rides inside me;

I am neither;

and he feels comforted;

but fear over shadows him
when he is no longer riding the waves
and experiencing time and space.

And I tell him, “Am I not the Soul?”

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