Harbinger Poetry Series – release May 2019



The Harbinger Poetry Series is a nine volume collection of Gnostic poetry. The series will cover many subjects dealing with world mythology, Gnosticism, the black goddess, sexuality in its many expressions, lovers who are dead and alive; parasitic entities, and The Dead.

These poems are about the journey of the soul through light and darkness. It is about reacquiring an authentic voice and freeing oneself from the Matrix manipulation of the Architect and his Archons.

My poetry isn’t for everyone. I have no interest in mainstream acceptance. In fact I tell people, if you are afraid of the dark, afraid of looking in the mirror and peeling off the layers, you might find my poetry disturbing. If you are afraid of the dark side of sex; dancing naked in front of the mirror and embracing the darkness and the light you have cast into the world, you will not want to read these poems.The world is not what you think it is. Most would prefer to stay safe within their bubble existence and dull their awareness to what is going on about them. These poems deal with colonization not only of the flesh but also of the mind. It is about being a whore in the marketplace of men. Recounting moments from the dark night of the soul, these poems are talk about being a gatekeeper, a wanderer in the dark places and the fallen daughter.

The Harbinger Poetry series deals with the ugliness of racism, the frustrations of being named Negro or Black and locked down into gender expectations.

With no regrets or apologies, I invite you to read The Harbinger Poetry Series. My poems are monstrous. My poems are ugly. My poems are beautiful. My poems are about becoming Life.

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