Vol Three – Harbinger Poems of Light in Darkness – release date Friday, June 14, 2019
Was dream bound in rituals that stagnates
the wanderer into the desert of gods
with their madness magnified
as a haunting, as night strangers,
as the bestial-demonic; as sirens with
stomachs like an abyss and a
cave mouth with a sage sitting
at the entrance changing the inhaling breathe
and imitations of the Minotaur, satyrs
and angels now withering
have bent one over to The Artificial Ones
with back door eyes
as their fetish image hangs everywhere;
but now, I have washed them out of my hair.

What will you do when the voices within are ready to take center stage in your awakened consciousness? How will you carry your darkness? Will you be a tomb for the ancestors? Are you ready to eat shadows? Or…are you just a rental space for unseen forces. “Harbinger” is a collection of gnostic poetry that talks about facing one’s shadows, being the returning ancestor and embracing the darkness that holds the Hidden One.

I am a Terrible Beauty that sits
at the crossroad with questions.
Voiceless in the hands of strangers;
yet this night barge traverses their underworlds.

Not wanted by most, ignored by many and
left lonely in stranger’s night flesh excursions.
Yet, I am a safe underground garden.

Will you know your name to touch me?

…I am the darkness not of the Father.
I am Life not bound by Artificial Ones.
I am the sons who are many who became
the One…the Fallen Daughter rising.

This is the third volume in The Harbinger Poetry Series, a nine book Gnostic poetry series about the storms rising beneath the skin and being victimized in time-oriented flesh.

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