Vol Four – Caravan of Faceless Men: Poems – release date Friday, June 28, 2019
The morning-after strangers leave you nameless but something else is alive inside you. The voice enters you through mirrors, open doors at night, through food, through curses, through conversations judging. You couldn’t name it. It was a stranger; an interloper in your activities. You were being disconnected from your streaming self. The name calling voice cracked the Earth self. And you – as antenna – started broadcasting false news, receiving images that changed the frequency of your body as unseen hands are reaching from a soul’s night through the walls. Everything you have denied is returning and not always in a recognizable form. A “Caravan of Faceless Men” is about facing the return of our judgments, the astral corpses we have made, and the night strangers that have named us into dark places. We were not made to be obedient.

This wounded face will not praise
as I baste in your theatrical offerings.
Will not be characterized
by inheriting your howling winds
nor let your deceiving light
be a messianic touch
but an entry denied to this heart.

This is the fourth volume in The Harbinger Poetry Series, a nine book Gnostic poetry series.

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