Vol Five – From My Descent: Poems – release date Friday, July 12, 2019
…who sees this island in a fog?
Its workings is remote from others
yet the shaman-poet unfolds
as an island for the lost to inhabit
as its spider aspects
weave islands into a world
beyond the confines of aborted deities…

These poems are ancestral voices speaking; the laments of the soul experiencing its journey through the underworld realities to remember itself. It is about the poet-shaman serving as gatekeeper. It is about being the good and the bad lover; about being the stranger as a poem. The inner voices take center stage in “From My Descent” as they lament their Nigredo time. The way out is one’s descent into divine madness so the soul will be free of the god spells.

We carry a monstrous soul
and its emanations are wrapped around
the shoulder.
Its head and tentacles like
magic wands act as hands holding
a lamenting voice singing of being exiled….

This is the fifth volume in The Harbinger Poetry Series, a nine book series about the soul’s pregnant darkness.

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