Vol Six – Prison Mind in a Flesh Odyssey: Poems – release Friday, July 26, 2019
To know Life you keep dying over and over again and each morning brings you back to life in the world of the Artificial Ones and their game board realities. These poems are about extracting the self from the narratives that has kept one objectified and sexualized. When one looks into their darkness, they not only see their fears that have become self-aware but the shadows of those who have intruded into their consciousness. Prison Mind in a Flesh Odyssey is about the unfinished voices speaking.

Is it a wrongful death when
his hands trespass and brings
me out of self; lament that the
door to the cocoon is closed
and strangers bring moisture
to glue bedsheets to seal
like a mummy’s wrapping.
Insane when not harbored in self
and drowning in touches
defiling and exiling this Living Vision.

Prison Mind in a Flesh Odyssey is the sixth volume in The Harbinger Poetry Series, a nine book gnostic poetry series about the apocalyptic journey of the soul to free itself from being a whore in the marketplace.

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