Vol Eight – Unnamed to Be Named: Poems – release date Friday, August 23, 2019
Imagine your name is a prison for your soul and the only way out is to free yourself from all the names you have been called or institutionalized in or enslaved in because of your skin color or gender identity. “Unnamed to be Named” is a collection of gnostic poetry exploring how the soul has been shackled by being named into ‘sunken places’, whored in names and made a drunk wanderer even in places where angels and demons do not want to look. When we forget the power of words we become slaves in a prison mind mentality. We must learn to speak our self into creation and not be a mule in other’s expectations.

…Waiting to be a structure
outside of a psychopathic architect.
I am not ordered for recycle
as this voice ceases being
a womb for fractured god things…

“Unnamed to be Named” is the eighth volume in The Harbinger Poetry Series, a nine book Gnostic poetry series about claiming sovereignty and authority of self.

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