Vol Nine: Cracked Pedestal: Poems – release date Friday, September 6, 2019
Think of being on a pedestal observing the world but not participating and then some unknown force pushes you off the pedestal. Now, the world you had observed – you are now an active participant. The poetry in “Cracked Pedestal” is about alienation in a life that is a prison existence in flesh and the only way out is going within.

…The phallic pedestal is cracked.
You have stood at many crossroads
whispering wisdom into travelers’ ears.
You are more than just a weeping basket
for strangers. You are more than
a figure head above a grave holding
a corpse’s laments. You are more
than just a stained object when one
fears the touch of their desires.
You explore wounds
in this experimental game soil of the soul.

We walk – now – the roads of creation unnamed.

This is the ninth and last volume in The Harbinger Poetry Series, a nine book Gnostic poetry series about the dark apocalyptic night of the soul.

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