I was surprised to learn when you are exploring spirituality how sexual it is and the many forms of expression it takes. The sexual act is more than just physical contact, it also can involve merging with light beings, shape shifting with just a lover’s touch and traveling with a partner to other dimensions.

There is a downside. When you are sexual with someone and love isn’t involved, this lowers your frequency and you cam find yourself in very dark places that I call the lower astral worlds that are inhabited with people who have fragmented themselves through the misuse of sexual energy; through sexual abuse; and through sexual perversions.

The sexual act is an act of creation; it is transforming and it is act of healing. Many individuals prefer to center the sexual act in the lower chakras and this creates astral attachments and a person can take on their sexual partners’ issues without being aware that it is someone’s issues that has possessed them.

When we have clarity about being multi-dimensional, we will see every act, every thought, every action has multi-dimensional ramifications.

Keep this in mind, you are carrying the energy of everyone you ever had sex with unless you have cleansed yourself of the energy. Because you are carrying other’s sexual energy, this sometimes brings health issues, personal problems, psychic issues, etc.; your partner’s issues are added to your issues.

In the dream state; or meditations, one should attempt to be fully conscious in altered states and “be careful” about sexual involvements. Sometimes that fantasy encounter can be an illusion; or a camouflage for other astral inhabitants to siphon sexual energy. Even the act of masturbation and bringing in a fantasy person, someone’s image, can be invitation to astral entities who will act like parasites. There are entities on the astral plane who are very sexual who can affect your sexual choices once you have given them passageway into your human uric field. In addition, there are fragmented essences (these are denial essences from other people) who get hooked into your energy field and become like parasites. There are people who are possessed by these entities and do not understand why they are doing certain sexual acts and have acquired dark manipulating sexual appetites.

These dark forces feed off perversity. Certain sexual images portrayed in various forms of media; implant images that are like magnets for astral entities; for the discarnate who are still lost on the Earth plane and also for entities who exist in other dimensions who have an addiction to human sexuality.

Sex for sex sake makes you a room for rent. When love isn’t involved, you are inviting predatory dark forces to siphon sexual energy from you. Also, entities will approach you in your dream state, and these entities are shape shifters and will appear to be someone you know; so you must learn to use discernment when you are approached in the dream state. This happens more than people want to admit. Your dream lover may not be the person you think – trust what you feel – not what you see. I always say when in doubt, just don’t open yourself to those situations; and also have clear intentions about what you want to experience in your dream state. Sex is more than just genital centered; it is heart centered and the energy exchange is amazing, you will feel very expansive when it is not localized only in the genital areas.

The sexual act is an act of creation not just only to bring a child forth but this creative energy works multi-dimensionally. Once you have expanded your awareness, you will become aware of the dramas your exploration of sex has created.

We are still a repressive society. We are flippant about having sex without taking responsibility. The responsibility is more than physical, it is mental, it is emotional, it is psychic, it is spiritual and every act you create physically has spiritual implications. We are spiritual beings; more powerful that what we normally believe.

Sex can open doorways, make you a doorway, but the door goes both way. Sex will take you to light places and dark places. You would be greatly disturbed if you saw how much people have fragmented themselves and parts of themselves are in these dark sexual places and people wonder why they feel scattered, disconnected; floating in and out of clarity; have momentary lapse of focus when they are on a sexual hunt – some would say looking for love but sex is fine until I have it; or their attention is drawn to observing sex in its many explorations though they may denounce it vocally to some people; their thoughts are saying something else.

We are made up of our thoughts; thoughts are like magnets; and like attracts like; so we need to police our thoughts; take responsibility for our thoughts. Thought creates reality.

So when you are facing sexual issues and cannot understand “why me” – well, examine your thoughts; and see why you unconsciously continue to feed negative thoughts. Even if the thought is detrimental; it is familiar; to often we stay with familiarity because we get use to it; and fear the unknown. Contrary to what we are told, I do not believe our life is written in stone and we can still be our own authority. But we easily are duped into giving up our sexual power and sexual power serves the Unseen more than we consciously are aware; it is the Unseen; the astral plane inhabitants; and entities in other dimension who are using our sexual energy like a battery source.

So in claiming your own authority; claiming your own sovereignty, reclaiming your mind and believe your mind is divinely protected; will help you to be a fully integrated being especially if you intend to live in an intuitive state; embrace your divine heritage. Intending your focal point is being in an intuitive state will help you to use discernment in your sexual encounters. I’m not saying you have to be monogamous, I would suggest be in a committed relationship until it is no longer suitable. Being in a committed relationship is not saying being married but being a whole being in a relationship with another person who is fully integrated. When we are not fully in body, we are leaving ourselves open to being a housing project for other entities and other disincarnates and the parts of us that we have denied that also can return to us in forms of consciousness we cannot recognize.

Also, the sexual act without love can also create astral entities but I will discuss this further in another article.

If your partner is not ready for experiencing sex as it can truly be; then you might want to reconsider is this the person I can open my heart to. The sex act can be transformational; it can create new realities; you can re-birth your self, you can use the energy to heal yourself, the history of your timeline. Or you can use the energy to destroy.

Sex without love can be disturbing to you and your partner’s psyche and create karma which usually comes much quicker now. Keep this in mind, sex without love, is just another form of gender war; but this war takes place in the mind; and this war in the mind creates its own realities; and these “mind wars” will have to be healed. There is so much about sexuality that we are not told about the sexual act – especially that the orgasm is multi-dimensional. And when you can consciously ride that wave of the orgasm, you will see how vast you are; and realize, you do not have to surrender your power to someone else.

I’ve had experiences which has been labeled tantric or sex magic but for me it always seemed natural and I got lost in the definitions for awhile until I realized some definitions kept me compartmentalized and fragmented into definitions. It is best to let go of definitions especially when you are doing tantric / sex magic and also, life in general if you are experiencing the ascension process. Letting go of definitions will help you to expand and challenge limitations and create a new root system of beliefs. I’ve learned that once you awaken to how powerful sexual energy is; it is an awesome responsibility because you are not only affecting yourself on many levels but others that are around you and it is a calling card for other energies who want to participate in your sexual act as well as use your energy to seed other realities.

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  1. can u tell me what would happen to a virgin in the afterlife ? would they somehow be able to finally be with a red haired girl all the way ? so as to have at least one s_x experience for their soul to learn and grow from ??

    thanx very much
    Ohio Univ

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