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The Imaginary Poet - a poetic experience

"The Imaginary Poet" is the entwining of two artistic visions to speak as One Voice. It is an exploration of the Soul's journey through light and darkness to become Awareness.    Poems by Lorenzo Buford   Artwork by JJ Torrez

Lorenzo Buford   Lorenzo: writing for me is being aware of existing simultaneously in so many places and forms. With my interest in gender identification, Gnosticism, the Goddess and multi-dimensional existence, and exploring the sexual underworld, I found working with Jerad's visionary art has been a wonderful act of breathing.
When I look at his work, I am intrigued and open to the inner journey it sends me on. I wanted to experiment to see if my poetry would connect with another artist's vision. Looking at Jerad's artwork has been a fascinating experience with matching my poetic vision with his artistic vision. I trusted most of my first impressions with connecting my poems with his images. Some poems were altered because I felt some of his artwork gave particular poems a different ending and expanded the original writings.
I call our collaboration "The Imaginary Poet" because it is the entwining of two artistic visions.

JJ TORREZ   JJ Torrez: I could go on and on about the whys and wherefores over what art means to me, why I do what I do. Simply stated, art is like air. I could not live in a world without it and feel blessed to have a gift to share the creative visions that race across my mind in a visual manner in the hopes to beautify, inspire and make the world a more interesting place to live.

The Imaginary Poet

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  1. Apocalyptic Kiss
  2. City of the Machine
  3. Daughter of God
  4. Goddess In The Tree
  5. I Am The First Gate of the Goddess
  6. I Am The Dark Art
  7. Let Us Make Fear
  8. Looking For A Father's Love
  9. Noises In Him
  10. Dying From One World to The Next
  11. Screaming Face
  12. Am I Not the Soul?
  13. Sarcophagus of the Ancestors
  14. Singularity
  15. Spiraling
  16. Storms
  17. The Dead End Man
  18. The Living Poem / I Am Crystal
  19. Time Sorcery
  20. Tree Shaman
  21. Twisting and Twinning
  22. I Am The Dream Catcher
  23. When I Destroyed The World
  24. Poet of Darkness
  25. Recall The Origin of Medicine
  26. Vessel
  27. Whore of the Heavens
  28. The Male Birth
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