Lorenzo Buford

Contributing Artists

Abraham Celaya: http://www.abrahamcelaya.com/

JJ Torrez: http://www.myspace.com/jeradporvida

Osvaldo Gonzalez: http://pixelium-art.com/

Aris Stathakis: http://www.artwanted.com/artist.cfm?ArtID=8538

Alan Ray: www.artwanted.com/aklenk

George Grie: http://www.neosurrealismart.com/modern-art-prints/?artworks_index/

Works in Progress

Mindwalker - Graphic Novel

Lost Souls - Graphic Novel

The Judas Angel - Novel - Novel - The Judas Angel sits at the crossroads between realities dialogue with lost souls while waiting for his Ascension.

The Price of a Smile - Play - The boundaries of friendship between four people is tested when a friend is arrested as a sexual offender.

Silhouette - Play - Sexual manipulation, mind control, and vampirism culminate into a tragic night for a group of friends.

Heretic of Reality - Play - A man on trial for sanity has a visionary visit with Girodano Bruno, a 16th century monk and mystic burned at the stake by the Spanish Inquisition.

Swimming In Mud - Screenplay - Four friends must deal with a friend's impending suicide.

Eve, The Musical - The voices in a woman's head escape after her husband leaves her.

Barstool Blues - MusicalA man finds his authentic voice by experiencing himself as four different people.

Zombies: The Musical - based on a screen play by Gary Phillips.

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